Demand Next Level Partners

Our Mission:  Next Level Partners LLC is committed to helping clients manage cash-flow more accurately and faster than ever before with the highest degree of transparency.   

We offer three Compliance Service Packages: PremiumBasic-PLUS & Basic.  Clients that sign on for our Premium Service receive full service compliance management as well as daily transaction processing.  We’ll review your contributions and disbursements and enter them into your finance software database Every Single Day.  Our commitment to cash-flow management and daily transaction processing frees up finance staff to focus on what they were hired to do:  Raise Money!  Our Basic-PLUS & Basic Compliance Packages are great for clients that want to manage transaction processing internally.   

Regardless of which service package you choose, you can count on Next Level Partners LLC to provide “Compliance Under Glass.” We’ll work with you to set up checks and balances to help you protect your funds.  Important information like check copies, invoices, deposit slips, and bank statements can be just the click of a mouse away.  So thank you for considering Next Level Partners LLC.  We look forward to learning more about your campaign.